Welcome to the webpages of Thomayer University Hospital which is one of the largest medical facilities in the Czech Republic.

Thomayer University Hospital is a modern, constantly developing health-care center offering specialized, top-quality medical services while also providing a truly professional environment for experts in a variety of specialties.

The hospital has specialized primarily in the fields of pediatrics, pediatric traumatology, oncology, and respiratory medicine though, naturally, high standards in other clinical areas are also maintained. Thomayer University Hospital is the holder of the International Baby Friendly Hospital certificate awarded by the World Health Organization (World Health Organization) and United Nations Children´s Fund (UNICEF).

Patients are provided the necessary basic, specialized, and highly specialized diagnostic and therapeutic care as well as outpatient care. Thomayer University Hospital carries out basic and clinical research projects, implements and tests new methods, participates in clinical trials and medical technology testing. Nursing care is committed to use of state-of-the-art principles of nursing, in particular to nursing procedures focused on disease prevention, counseling, and patient education.

The hospital’s specialized workplaces form the educational and training centers for university medical schools, pharmacy schools, and others. In cooperation with 1st and 3rd Faculty of Medicine Charles University, the hospital´s employees are involved in the undergraduate education of medical students, providing for practical professional education and training of high-school, college, and university students.

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