Hospital Pharmacy


  • The Hospital Pharmacy is staffed by a fully qualified and friendly team of pharmacists. The staff provides pharmaceutical service to physicians, nurses and patients.
  • The Hospital Pharmacy supplies all the medicines used in the hospital.
  • The Hospital pharmacy is one of emergency pharmacies in Prague with extended opening (service) times, including night time service, service at weekends and on holidays.
  • A retail pharmacy for outpatients dispenses and sells drugs (prescription-only and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, respectively), medical supplements and devices.
  • The Hospital Pharmacy also provides assistance and advice to patients related to all aspects of drug therapy, ie. advice on the dosage of medicines and the most appropriate form of medication (e.g., tablet, injection, ointment or inhaler) during so-called „theme“ days or during individual consultations).
  • Discussing treatments with patients' relatives, community pharmacists and general practitioners.

The Hospital Pharmacy services encompass a wide range of activities, including the following

  • Preparation of drugs (forms/presentations such as capsules, creams, ointments, pastes, chewing gums, suppositories or eye drops).
  • Preparation of biological therapy and preparation of cytotoxic drugs including ready-to-use products in isolators.
  • Preparation and quality control of sterile drugs to be used in aseptic units such as total parenteral nutrition (all-in-one) and other medications for adults, children, and newborns.
  • Preparation of buffers, dyes, and diagnostic solutions.
  • Its analytical laboratory performs verification of substance identity and purity, liquid-in-glass thermometer calibration for hospital purposes and offers information service for health-care professionals.
  • Participation in clinical trials ie. design and supervision of the trials, ensuring that medicines are stored appropriately and securely according to Good Clinical Practice.
  • Education and practical training to undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians.

Medical equipment and supplies store

The store offers a wide range of products and accessories to aid in everyday life, orthopedic aids (shoes, immobilizers, supports, etc), devices of diabetic patients (blood glucose monitoring systems), bath safety devices, stockings, urological devices, blood pressure monitors and many other products.

Pharmacy open
Mon-Fri 7:15-18:30
Sat 8:00-18:30
Sun + holidays 9:00-18:30
At other times, there is an emergency service to ring -
the door on the left.
Medical Supply Store Open
Mon-Fri 7:30-18:00

Surcharge for emergency is 100,- CZK.

Thomayer University
Hospital Pharmacy

Vídeňská 800,
140 59 Praha 4 - Krč

Head of the Department
Mgr. Hana Šnajdrová

Head Pharmaceutical assistant
Lukáš Šindela

Contact for
English-speaking guests
+420 261 083 161

buildings P, E, H


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