Department of Transfusion Medicine and Blood Bank


The Department of Blood Transfusion Medicine collects blood and plasma from blood donors to process them into blood components and for plasma fractionation, and subsequently supply hospitals with blood products. The department´s laboratory performs laboratory testing necessary for production of blood components (immunohematology, blood-borne infectious diseases) and/or for diagnostic, pretransfusion testing and prevention of hemolytic disease of the newborn.

Whole blood and plasma by plasmapheresis are collected from volunteer blood donors to be subsequently processed into blood components (packed red cells, platelets, plasma), with the plasma used for fractionation (under a contract with a specialized company).

Also collected is whole blood for autologous predeposit transfusion whereby blood of a given patient is collected ahead of time (so-called autotransfusion) and blood components are prepared to be used by that particular patient during a scheduled surgical procedure (the donation is to be required by the attending physician).

Blood components from this department are supplied to Thomayer University Hospital, the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM), and other health-care facilities in the region.

The laboratories of the Transfusion Medicine Department perform immunohematologic testing (including preoperative testing) in volunteer blood donors, patients of Thomayer University Hospital, IKEM, and other health-care facilities in the region and in pregnant women referred by referral/counseling centers. The range of tests available includes blood grouping and red cell typing, pre-transfusion testing with screening for and identification of irregular antibodies to red cells, and some other immunohematologic tests. Pregnant women with uncommon antibodies are followed up and provided counseling at regular intervals in our outpatient department.

As part of the preoperative diagnostic process, the department tests for markers of HIV/AIDS (combined HIV 1,2, Ab/Ag test), hepatitis B and C (combined HBsAg, HCV Ag/Ab test). These tests are also offered for cash (unless covered by health insurance).

Specialized services and centers

  • Whole blood collection and processing
  • Plasmapheresis
  • Autologous predeposit blood collection
  • Blood bank and laboratories of immunohematology
  • Laboratory of infectious markers (HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis)

Outpatient services

  • Prevention of hemolytic disease in the newborn (for pregnant women)


The Blood Transfusion Department is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Health for postgraduate education of physicians and laboratory technicians/assistants in the fields of blood transfusion medicine and blood transfusion service.

Quality management is guaranteed by regular inspections of procedures of blood and plasma collection and their processing carried out by the State Institute for Drug Control (Státní ústav pro kontrolu léčiv, or SÚKL in Czech) and its production license department. The Blood Transfusion Medicine Department is also regularly audited by the plasma-processing companies. The Laboratory of Immunohematology has been certified by the National Center for Authorization of Clinical Laboratories (Národní autorizační středisko klinických laboratoří, or NASKL in Czech) and makes an integral part of the system of external quality assessment and proficiency testing.

All the department´s physicians, nurses and other staff strive to encourage and support volunteer blood donors, to meet the requirements of Hospital clinical departments, and to assist patients in managing their health problems. The Blood Transfusion Medicine Department philosophy is to keep a high standard of medical care with a personal approach to the client.

Head of the Department
Petr Turek, MD, CSc.
+420 261 083 285

Head Laboratory Technician
Jaroslava Senohrábková
+420 261 083 772

Contact for
English-speaking guests
Petr Turek, MD, CSc.
+420 261 083 285

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