Education & research

Science and Education Centre (CVV)

Prepares and organizes:

  • Specialized training of medical and non-medical care workers,
  • Certification and qualification courses,
  • Professional conferences and seminars,
  • Professional scholarships for the staff of Thomayer's University Hospital and other health-care facilities,
  • Seminars, lectures, conferences, professional scholarships,
  • Qualification courses for general hospital attendants,
  • First aid courses for the public.




Clinical Evaluation within Thomayer's University Hospital

Scope of studies provided:

  • Phase I.-III. studies in the specialized Clinical - Pharmacology Unit (CPU)
  • Phase II-IV. studies in the other clinical departments of Thomayer's University Hospital
  • Studies with new medication as well as medical devices

Clinical Pharmacology Unit (contacts):

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Clinical-Pharmacology Unit has been certified (ISO 9001:2015) since June 2010.

Clinical Studies administrator (Contract issues):

Clinical Studies - Fesibility questions and offers:


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