Department of Medical Genetics


The Department of Medical Genetics provides genetic counseling for patients and families with a variety of inherited disorders (inborn chromosomal aberrations, monogenic and multifactorial disorders, and congenital defects). It also provides prenatal care for pregnant woman at increased risk of having a child with a genetic disorder, and for couples with infertility problems. This department also provides genetic counseling for adults with suspected hereditary cancer syndromes.

The Department of Medical Genetics consists of an outpatient department, a cytogenetic laboratory and a laboratory of molecular genetics.

The staff of the cytogenetic laboratory examines chromosomes from peripheral lymphocytes, amniotic fluid cells, chorionic villi, and other solid tissue cultures. The FISH technique is routinely used along with conventional karyotyping. Further, blood processing for maternal serum screening is performed.

In the laboratory of molecular genetics, DNA from peripheral blood, amniotic fluid cells, chorionic villi, and other solid tissues is isolated and purified to be subsequently analyzed for a number of genetic diseases.
The laboratories are authorized by the National Center for Authorization of Clinical Laboratories (Národní autorizační středisko klinických laboratoří, or NASKL in Czech).


The Department of Medical Genetics is certified by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and thus authorized to postgraduate education in medical genetics. The Department offers clinical training programs in medical genetics for medical doctors and other specialists with a university degree. The department also participates in the education of general medicine students of Charles University School of Medicine III.

Head of the Department
Martina Langová, MD, PhD.
+420 261 083 760

Head Laboratory Technician
Martina Konrádová
+420 261 083 707

Contact for
English-speaking guests
+420 261 083 760

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