Department of Dentistry


The Department of Dentistry is one of the best-equipped dental care facilities in the Czech Republic. Its team of renowned and experienced dentists provides high-standard dental services. Its integrated laboratory allows for carefully and directly supervised manufacture of dental prostheses and denture, selection and use of different materials, helps accelerate the individual stages of dental prosthesis manufacture while also offering a financial advantage for clients. The quality of materials used is strictly monitored and high-quality materials at very reasonable prices are available because of cooperation with recognized companies and manufacturers.

There are four outpatient cabinets with operating hours covering the whole day since early morning to late afternoon of every workday. Physicians of the Department of Dentistry also provide medical consultations to all of the Thomayer University Hospital´s departments and develop expert assessments for legal proceedings.

Outpatient services

  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Endodontic therapy
  • Prosthetic dentistry
  • Dentoalveolar surgery
  • Dental implantology
  • GTR (guided tissue regeneration of lost bone)
  • Orthodontics for children and adults
  • Laser therapy (dental, periodontal), tooth whitening

Specialized services

  • Minor orofacial surgery
  • Hyaluronic acid-based wrinkle filling (Princess)
  • Facial mesotherapy (Dermaheal products)
  • Botox applications (Dysport)
  • Oxygen therapy


  • Dental implants advisory service/counseling
  • Orthodontics advisory service/counseling


The Department provides extensive educational and training programs in dentistry in compliance with the rules of accreditation awarded by the Czech Dental Chamber.

Head of the Department
Karel Kameník, MD., CSc.
+420 261 083 385

Head Nurse
Bc. Šárka Bezděkovská
+420 261 082 273

Contact for
English-speaking guests
Bc. Šárka Bezděkovská
+420 261 082 273

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