Department of Clinical Microbiology


The Department of Clinical Microbiology is focused on comprehensive diagnosis of bacterial, selected viral infections, and parasitic diseases in human biological materials using a variety of culture techniques, microscopic examinations, serology, PCR, and DNA analysis. The department is organized into several divisions: anaerobic laboratory, antibiotic center (to monitor and improve antibiotic treatment, offer consultations for clinicians and detect antibiotic resistance), tuberculosis laboratory (short-term culture and PCR-based diagnosis), and a laboratory of molecular biology. The laboratory for preparation of specialized microbiology culture media is part of the department´s structure. The laboratory provides consultations on antibiotic use, approves the use of blocked antibiotics, participates in the monitoring of nosocomial infections (also referred to as hospital-acquired infection (HAI).

The department is accredited according to ISO 9001:2008, and authorized and registered by The National Center for Authorization of Clinical Laboratories (Národní autorizační středisko klinických laboratoří, or NASKL in Czech). The Department takes part in a system of external quality assessment and proficiency testing organized by the State Health Institute (Státní zdravotnický ústav, or SZU in Czech).

Working hours of the laboratory
Monday - Friday 7:00-15:00
weekends and holiday 7:00-12:00

Structure of the department

  • Diagnostic laboratories
  • Antibiotic center and division of hospital-acquired infections
  • Administration
  • Microbiological growth media preparation unit


The department is accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic to provide education and training of postgraduate students in medical microbiology.

Science and research

The laboratory participates in clinical trials performed in the Hospital, takes part in research project studying microbiology of food substitutes.

Head of the Department
Zuzana Kadlečková, MD
+420 261 082 311

Head Laboratory Technician
Jana Škorpilová
+420 261 082 343

Contact for
English-speaking guests
+420 261 082 311

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