Department of Clinical Biochemistry


The Department of Clinical Biochemistry performs basic and specialized biochemical tests of human biological materials (223 methods, 70 available in stat format) for all the of hospital´s departments, clinics, outpatient departments, and some external health-care facilities.

The department is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and by the National Center for Authorization of Clinical Laboratories (Národní autorizační středisko klinických laboratoří, or NASKL in Czech). It is an integral part of a system of external quality assessment and proficiency testing run by SEKK (Czech authority – Systém externí kontroly kvality in Czech), Instand, and DGKL (international authorities).

The laboratory also performs some tests paid on the spot.

Examinations/Investigations and tests available

  • Basic analyses of blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, other body fluids and materials (drains, punctured fluids, etc).
  • Specialized biochemical examinations – hormones, tumor markers, bone markers, acid base measurements, drug concentrations, determination of paraprotein, metabolism parameters, drugs, monoclonal proteins, proteinuria, urinary concrements, hemoglobin fractions, etc.
  • Consultations and interpretation of biochemical tests
  • Implementation of newly developed methods
  • Education in clinical chemistry

Specialized laboratories

  • Daily routine laboratory
  • Acute and emergency laboratory
  • Urine analysis (urinalysis) laboratory
  • Laboratory of immunochemistry
  • Cerebrospinal fluid and morphological laboratory
  • Laboratory for special analyses (electrophoresis, proteinuria, etc).
  • Immunochemical laboratory
  • Remote monitoring and inspecting of hospital glucometer and acid base analyzer networks

Head of the Department
Klára Bořecká, MD, PhD.
+420 261 082 487

Head Laboratory Technician
Hana Tesková
+420 261 082 561

Contact for
English-speaking guests
Klára Bořecká, MD, PhD.
+420 261 082 487

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