Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


The department provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for children between 3 to 12 years of age; older children are admitted on an exceptional basis. There are 30 beds in the inpatient ward; the team providing comprehensive health care encompasses pediatric psychiatrists, psychologists, special pedagogues, logopedia specialists, social workers and child´s nurses with special training in psychiatry.

An elementary school, kindergarten, and an after school care unit are available for hospitalized children and the teachers and pediatric psychiatrists and nurses meet daily for consultations. Therapeutic programs are organized during summertime holidays to enhance social competence and skills of children with impaired social communication and interactions; the programs can be also attended by children from families with low socioeconomic status.

List of disorders treated

  • Hyperkinetic behavior
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Mixed disorders of behavior and emotion
  • Emotional disorders specifically related to childhood
  • Disorders of social relations origin of which is linked to childhood and adolescence
  • Pervasive developmental disorders
  • Neurotic and tic disorders
  • disorders experienced by neglected, physically and mentally tortured, sexually abused children)
  • Eating disorders
  • Mental retardation
  • Speech and language disorders
  • Developmental disorders affecting a child´s ability to attend regular classes

Diagnosis and treatment

A comprehensive psychiatric examination involves multidisciplinary assessment by psychiatrists, psychologists, logopedists as well as pedagogic examinations. The assessment may include further, more detailed, pediatric, neurological, endocrinologic, and genetic examinations/tests.

Therapeutic programs include structured individual cognitive and group cognitive psychotherapy are applied. Group therapy is also available for parents of hospitalized children; the parents are updated on the course and progress of their child´s treatment and results of examinations both during the hospitalization and just prior to their child´s discharge, respectively.

Remedial teachers usually contact the school of origin, take care on continuity of educational process and report on the child´s performance and behavior to the respective school and their parents.

Art therapy and visits to pottery workshops are an integral part of treatment and can have a beneficial effect on creative thinking and visual capability of children. Motion therapy and visual work are guided daily by a female instructor. Spare time activities are further diversified by clown and artist performances, visits by volunteers, and so on.

The department also provides outpatient pedopsychiatric, psychiatric, psychological, and logopedic care to children and adults.

Our logopedic outpatient clinic performs diagnosis and treatment of speech disorders – dyslalia, balbuties, retarded speech development, and re-education of patients with reading impairments.

Education and training

In 2006, the department was accredited to offer training specialized education of specialists in child and adolescent psychiatry. The department runs residence programs for junior physicians, university students of philosophy, postgraduate students of psychology, and for law school and medical school students.

Head of the Department
Tereza Podhorná, MD
+420 261 083 441

Head Nurse
Michaela Pelejová

Contact for
English-speaking guests

Outpatient department:
Radka Novotná
+420 261 082 262

Social worker:
Hana Kuklová
+420 261 083 655

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