Department of Individual Care Programs and Occupational Medical Services

Department of Individual Care Programs and Occupational Medical Services


The Individual Care Program (ICP) is designed for individuals and legal entities – employees and management of companies. The comprehensive health care to registered patients including preventive, regenerative and educational programs are provided.

Through our program, we offer an individual approach meeting the needs related to the care of the health of our clients.

Our policy is examination and treatment without any unnecessary time losses, with the possibility of making an appointment at a certain time at a university-type hospital. In the case of having to wait for an examination, the waiting room is a pleasing environment with access to the Internet via a WiFi network.
Our program is implemented through professional care by highly qualified experts using modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods. If necessary, the program is also implemented through immediate medical preventive measures and diagnostic tools by all other specialized hospital departments.

Individual Care Program includes

  • comprehensive care of the health of our patients
  • managerial programs
  • company preventive care for the employees of contracting companies (e.g. entry, exit and preventive examinations of people under 50 and above 50, driver license examinations, vaccinations of employees, etc.)
  • one-off medical examination to determine current health
  • first aid training, healthy lifestyle training, etc.
  • a wide range of medical expertise covered by means of public health insurance
  • complementary programs to improve health
  • monitoring of the quality of care

What is Individual Care Program

A set of legal, financial, managerial, informative, and medical means that promote efficiency and quality of the care provided to our patients.

The health care provided to clients is fully reimbursed in accordance with health insurance conditions.

The coordinated work of ICP is an above-standard service and is paid for annually.


The Department of ICP is an accredited facility of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic for postgraduate education of practitioners in the field of general practice for adults.

Head of the Department
Alice Strnadová, Mgr., MBA
tel.: 261 083 113
mobil: 603 899 018

Head physician
Kateřina Poštulková, MD.

Head Nurse
Lenka Lukášová-Jeřábková, Bc.
tel.: 261 083 113

Business hours:

Monday - Friday 700 - 1500
after making an appointment by phone


Contact for English-speaking guests

tel.: 261 083 113


building A2


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