Department of Hematology

Department of Hematology


The Department of Hematology provides standard hematological care and collaborates with similar specialized centers from all over the country. Its outpatient department and daycare center provide diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of hematological diseases and disorders for patients from its catchment area (approx. population of 350,000).

The department is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, and authorized and registered by The National Center for Authorization of Clinical Laboratories (NASKL I). The department is a member of a system of external quality assessment and proficiency testing organized by SEKK (Czech authority), IEQAS, and DGKL (international authorities).


Hematological laboratory

  • division of morphology
  • division of coagulation

Outpatient department

  • outpatient department
  • daycare center

Diagnostic and therapeutic services:

  • complete blood count and white blood cell differential count
  • blood coagulation
  • sternal puncture
  • bone marrow biopsy in collaboration with an anesthesiologist (so called analgosedation)
  • therapeutic phlebotomy
  • replacement therapy using blood derivatives
  • intravenous administration of iron-containing medications
  • chemotherapy


The department is accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic to provide both undergraduate and postgraduate education and training in hematology to medical students and physicians, and hands-on training to laboratory technician students.

Science and research

The laboratory cooperates in clinical trials performed in the Hospital.

Head of the Department
Kamila Valentová, MD
tel.: 261 082 320

Head Laboratory Technician
Hana Čtrnáctá
tel.: 261 083 339

Contact for English-speaking guests

Kamila Valentová, MD
tel. +420 26108 2320

Hana Čtrnáctá
tel. +420 261 083 339


building H (laboratory)
building A3 (outpatient clinic)


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