From July 1, 2021, Thomayer University Hospital (TUH) offers vaccinations against Covid-19 for SELF-LAYING, who are not insured with a public health insurance company! The vaccination center is open just on Tuesdays and Thursdays (12.00 - 18.00). To be vaccinated, you have to first register with the Central covid-19 vaccination booking system registration for self-payers!

For more INFO:

PLACE: vaccination center, building F (behind the race canteen)

OPEN: Tue and Thu (12.00 - 18.00)

PRICE: 800 CZK (pay only by card in the vaccination center!)

After arrival to the vaccination center, the foreigner have to complete a questionnaire about his current state of health. The questionnaire will be available on site and in multiple languages.

We recommend everyone to come to the vaccination center at the agreed time in which they were registered!  It is not necessary to come for vaccination an hour or more earlier.

Thank you!

Your TUH

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