Identification of traumatized children and stopping domestic violence

The project with registration number ZD-ZDOVA1-001 supported by a grant from Iceland,
Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Funds 2014-2021 is funded
under the grant program "Health"

Call " Promoting the mental health of children and adolescents ".

The program is mediated by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic,
the program partner is the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

About the project

In the Czech Republic, a large number of children go through a traumatic experience in connection with domestic violence. Thomayer University Hospital, along with Czech and Norwegian partner responds to this situation and create and implement a comprehensive methodology for early detection of violence and abuse against children in close relationships and implements individualized medical-therapeutic ý program for children and parents affected by the problems of violence, promote parental competence and certain relationships.

After piloting in a medical facility and a partner school , the methodology will be transferred to other cooperating schools and kindergartens. During the implementation of the project, 300 children will go through the created program and 60 of their parents will be provided with targeted individualized therapies.

In the field of health care, the project will contribute to the thematization of violence as a health problem in line with a long-term global trend. Within the societal context, the project will contribute to making the issue of violence / abuse and neglect the subject of general societal attention, professional discussion and inter-ministerial professional cooperation.

The benefit of the project will be the transfer of specific knowledge and skills of the Norwegian partner in working with the perpetrator of violence, as well as cooperation with the Ministry of Education, respectively. with school prevention methodologies, educational counselors and teachers and the creation and implementation of a methodology for emphasizing issues in education.

The result of the project is an increase in the support of mental health and well-being in children.

Project outputs:

  • The work team will increase its competencies by completing training in new methodologies and techniques of working with traumatized children and perpetrators of violence.
    • neurosequence model of NMT for identification of the consequences of trauma at the neurological level and its use in the monitoring of the healing process
    • Reflective function training on parent development interview (PDI-RF)
    • Adult Attachment Interview (AAI)
    • Mentalization-Based Treatment for Children (MBT-C)
  • School teams (school psychologist, preventist, special pedagogue) of primary and nursery schools involved in the project will be trained in the use of trauma questionnaires (Evaluation of traumatic symptoms in younger children - TSCYC, Evaluation of traumatic symptoms in older children - TSCC and Scale of overt anxiety - RCMAS-2) in school teams as a tool for early detection of violence in the family . Educators will watch and learn to use the Norwegian educational film "Furious" about domestic violence, shot at the initiative of the partner organization ATV . The project will train at least 30 pedagogical staff from at least seven schools and kindergartens
  • Representatives of the work team complete internships at the workplace of a Norwegian partner
  • Will be provided facilities for working with traumatized children through reconstruction of the zácvikového rooms and zácvikového apartment and created a background for work with traumatized children within the nursery and primary schools at FTN.
  • Screening by traumadotazníků passes 300 trauma potentially vulnerable children
  • Based on newly acquired skills will be introduced therapeutically program for traumatized children and their parents . We expect the situation of 100 traumatized children and 60 of their parents to improve.

Project partners:

1) Elementary school and Kindergarten at Thomayer University Hospital

The kindergarten was established in the hospital in 1929, in 1943 was established a public primary school for long-term sick children. On June 1, 2004, their merger created the Primary School and the Kindergarten at Thomayer Hospital, which was founded by the City of Prague. The school serves hospitalized children , and thanks to its location in the vicinity of the department of child psychiatry , especially children on diagnostic and therapeutic stays. Its staff specializes in the work of children with various mental health problems and is actively involved in their therapies through play and learning. The school also cooperates with other schools, with which the tent of care and teaching needs for children and pupils temporarily entrusted to it actively communicates.

The elementary school and the Kindergarten at Thomayer Hospital will participate in the preparation and piloting of methodologies for the detection of early violence for school staff and school facilities and the transfer of these methodologies to other schools. Schoolteachers from the partner´s school will be involved in the adaptation and standardization of traumatic questionnaire for school use to recognize violence against children. They will be trained in its use, which will bring into their practice , they will learn hw to work with the movie „ Zuřivec“.  Furthermore, the partner will be actively involved in creating a methodology for the implementation of the method of detecting violence in schools and will actively teach and consult the use of the method by school psychologists and educators, especially first graders.

PaedDr. Iva Křivánková, director

2) Alternative to Vold

Alternativ Til Vold (ATV) is a Norwegian non-governmental non-profit organization, founded in 1987, which provides professional assistance and therapy in the field of violence with a focus on domestic violence.  ATV is helping men and women who commit violence, on adolescents who have problems with violence and victims of violence, including children. In addition to therapeutic professional assistance, he is also involved in research in the field of violence and the training of professionals.

The partner organization will guarantee the methodology used in working with perpetrators of domestic violence against children and will lead Czech experts in the implementation of these methods and will also supervise them . There will be an internship of Thomayer University Hospital  staff at the partner's workplace and a visit of the partner staff associated with the implementation of a training program for hospital´s staff and participating schools, as well as supervision of the methods used during the implementation of the program.

Barbora Jakobsen, psychologist

About the final recipients:

Thomayer University Hospital is one of the largest medical facilities in the Czech Republic. Modern and constantly developing hospitals providing comprehensive specialized medical and nursing care for an area with about 300,000 inhabitants and in some specialized fields for the Central Bohemian Region. The main focus of its medical care is pediatrics, traumatology, oncology and pneumology.


15th March 2021 - Start of the Project.
March 2021 - Expert team begins school it in new methodologies and techniques of working with traumatized child.
28th June 2021 - Construction work begins in the Children's Center.
7th July 2021 - Construction work begins in the Elementary school and Kindergarten at Thomayer University Hospital.
August 2021 - Construction works in the Children's Centre and the Primary School and Kindergarten are completed.
20th September 2021 - Representatives of the Thomayer University Hospital, The magistrate of the capital city of Prague and the City district of Prague 4 ceremoniously opened the new premises.
26th November 2021 - Training of pedagogical staff of school and non-school facilities in the use of the educational movie  „Zuřivec“, which is used in the prevention and awareness of domestic violence and for work with persons at risk of domestic violence or persons who commit violence. The seminar was led by lecturers Barbora Jakobsen from the Norwegian partner organization ATV, Marketa Hrdličková from the Children's Centre and Šárka Dršková Martinovská from Magdala Archdiocesan Charity Prague. After the training, the participants were offered the possibility of an internship at a partner workplace and, in the case of putting the movie „Zuřivec“ into practice, the possibility of supervision by the Norwegian partner of the project.
15th March 2022 - Since the beginning of the project 161 children and their parents or caregivers have been through the programme for the detection of children traumatised by domestic violence, 79 of whom have received further interventions as a result of the identified trauma. At the same time, 65 members of the professional team were trained during the project, successfully completing 10 courses focused on new methods and techniques for working with traumatized children.



Project Manager
Ing. Martina Kavanová
Financial project manager
Ing. Julie Hrzinová +420 261 083 612

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