A comprehensive system of comprehensive rehabilitation families burdened by psychiatric disorder of one of its members


The project "System of Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Families Burdened by Psychiatric Disorder of One of its Members" with registration number NF-CZ11-OV-2-024-2015 funded by Norwegian funds was supported by the grant from the programme CZ11 "Initiatives in the field of public health," Activity I. "Psychiatric care".


The Ministry of Finance is  Intermediary of the Programme CZ11,
the Ministry of Health is the partner of the programme CZ11.

About the project

Goal of the project is to ensure the restoration of families affected by psychiatric diagnosis of one of its members (especially the mother or child). The project aims to prevent, minimize or eliminate the causes of child endangerment and provide parents and children assistance and support and preserve the family as a whole.

Project is implemented without partner organizations.

Implementation plan consists of:

  • Establishment of facilities for diagnosis, treatment and therapy of children with psychiatric diagnoses and mothers with/without psychiatric diagnosis, who have got young children wit /without psychiatric diagnoses. (Activity 1)
  • Implementing new system of support actions for mothers (parents) whose child (especially of pre-school and school age) has psychiatric diagnosis or psychological disorder: The system should minimize the need for hospitalization of children and allow  parents to practice  and consult everyday care of the children in the special practice flat under the control of medical staff. (Activity 2)
  • Preparation and implementation of  a support system for mothers with psychiatric or psychological diagnosis, who has problems to take care of their children, because of their handicap that either causes  frequent hospitalizations or lack of parenting skills. (Activity 3)

Implementation of the project aims to improve conditions for diagnosis, therapy and support long-term mentally ill paediatric patients and/or their mothers with psychiatric diagnosis, that reduce hospitalization, prevent relapses and redevelop the whole.

The project with total budget of 8,5 mil CZK with a 20% share of co-financing from the Thomayer hospital´s own resources will be used for the reconstruction and equipment of facilities for psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses in the outpatient Department of Child Psychiatry as well as for renovation and furnishing outpatient therapy department at the Children's Center of Thomayer Hospital. It will also include the construction of additional sanitary facilities, purchase of new diagnostic tests, therapeutic aids and instrumentation as well as  actions towards increasing expertise of the staff of both departments.  The project will  also introduce new services for handicapped families that will be provided directly at their homes without need of hospitalization.

About the beneficiary

Thomayer Hospital is located in Prague 4 and is among the biggest medical institutions in the Czech Republic. It is a modern and still developing hospital providing comprehensive professional specialized medical and nursing care for the catchment area with the population of approximately 300 000 people, and in some specialized fields also for the Central Bohemia Region (oncology, neurology) or for the entire country (pneumology, children traumatology, pathology). The main focus of its medical care is pediatric fields, traumatology, oncology, and pneumology. In critical situations the hospital is able to provide care for citizens from Prague.



January 1, 2015

- Launch of the project

May 5, 2015

- Start of the reconstruction on the pavilion INKA in the Children's Center

June 23, 2015

- Participation of 2 members of the team at a conference in Brussels

June 30, 2015

- Completion of the first part of the building

July 1, 2015

- Start of the reconstruction of child psychiatry

August 14, 2015

- Ended the second part of the reconstruction of child psychiatry

September 15, 2015  

- Both buildings have been successfully approved for use, surgeries are gradually being equipped with new equipment

September 22 – 24,  2015

- The project is presented at the IV. Socio-pediatric Congress with international participation in Kyjov

October 14 – 17, 2015

- Participation of members of the team at a conference in Milan

October 14, 2015

- Visit by representatives of the donor, the Ministry of Finance and the Office of Financial mechanisms

23. 5. 2016

- Declaration MF-NCP to confusing information and speculation about the meaning and purpose of the EEA and Norwegian funds in the Czech Republic, which was published on the website of Ministry of Finance, in the same text on the pages of the EEA and Norwegian funds.

May 2016

- It was approved the request to increase the indicator "Number of patients using high-quality services in a comprehensive rehabilitation system" to 485. This represents the support of 450 children from specialized ambulances of child psychiatry and 35 mothers with a psychiatric diagnosis, which will be cared for in the Children's Centre. The original number was 350 children and 30 women.

24. 6. 2016

- The closing ceremony of the project in the presence of representatives of the Norwegian Embassy, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance. See photographs from the Past Events.

31. 8. 2016

- The project was successfully completed. During this period, we provided assistance to 450 children from specialized outpatient department of child psychiatry and 35 mothers with psychiatric diagnosis in the residential and off-road conditions.


Project Manager:
ing. Martina Kavanovámartina.kavanova@ftn.cz, 261 083 612

Financial Project Manager:
ing. Julie Hrzinová, julie.hrzinova@ftn.cz, 261 083 612

Supervision of the Activity no. 2:
MUDr. Jana Šplíchalová, jana.splichalova@ftn.cz, 261 083 441

Supervision of the Activity no. 3:
MUDr. Jaroslava Lukešová, jaroslava.lukesova@ftn.cz, 241 721 862

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