Nutrition and Dietetic Center

Nutrition and Dietetic Center


Food is one of the fundamentals of life; this fact becomes even more important when patients are in hospital. Dietetians at Thomayer Hospital work to ensure that a patient's nutritional state does not limit their recovery and perform screening of malnutrition on admission as well as during the course of hospitalization. The center´s nutritionists assess the condition of each patient, consult with other health care professionals to review patients' medical charts and develop individual plans to meet nutritional requirements of specific patients, for use of tube feeding (so called enteral nutrition) and intravenous feeding (so called parenteral nutrition) both in hospital and while receiving home care, respectively, provide consultations to patients and their families, analyze intolerance to some food components and non-standard forms of alimentation – vegetarians, perform risk estimation in malnurished patients, draw up a time schedule and guide for-all-in one sachet diet application.

The Nutrition Center performs measurements of caloric consumption (indirect calorimetry) and bioimpedance measurements. The Center of Nutrition and Dietetics plays the leading role in surveillance and coordination of all these activities as well as education, ie. organization of specialized courses (percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy, basic, and advanced courses on nutrition) as well as courses for nutritional therapists.  The education of hospital patients as well as the outpatient support are provided via electronic mail or over the phone. The center collaborates with other hospitals across the Czech Republic, provides consultations to private practices, various types of hospitals, health care facilities, and provides education both for undergraduate and postgraduate students.


  • Center for percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy
  • Intensive hepatogastroeneterologic and metabolic unit
  • Counseling facility for home parenteral nutrition
  • Department of clinical nutrition

Head of the Department
doc. Pavel Kohout, MD, PhD.
tel.: 261 083 802

Head Nurse
Tamara Starnovská
tel.: 261 083 516

Contact for English-speaking guests

261 083 802


buildings G4 and B3