Hospital Nursing Department

Hospital Nursing Department


The Nursing Department offers comprehensive counseling programs, provides management, treatment, and other services to patients. This profession helps people who are physically or mentally impaired including temporary disability after medical treatment. It practices in the fields of both health care and social care. The aim is to restore physical and mental functioning to help people enjoy their life to the fullest.

  • The outpatient department for treatment of chronic pain sufferers offers a wide range of medical and non-medical interventions for people living with chronic pain, and with chronic pain due to malignancies and non-malignancies. Its multidisciplinary team includes consultants in pain medicine, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and clinical psychologists, all specializing in chronic pain management. They take a multidisciplinary approach to pain treatment, recognizing chronic pain as a comprehensive problem.
  • The outpatient department for chronic wound management provides care of diabetic defects, varicose ulcers, non-healing wounds and other long-term unrecognized defects.
  • The rental unit of essential medical equipment and supplies serves as part of aftercare for patients discharged from patients, offering to rent wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, electric adjustable beds, and toilet chairs.
  • The department organizes education of personal care for immobile patients and  education seminars for non-professionals.
  • Seminars for the public focus on first aid (cardiopulmonary resuscitation with hands-on training), diabetic coma, epilepsy, and the most common forms of intoxication.


Head of the Department
Tatjan ježková
tel.: 261 082 464

Contact for English-speaking guests

tel.: 261 082 464


building A1


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