Department of Ophthalmology

Department of Ophthalmology


The Department of Ophthalmology provides comprehensive care to patients with diseases involving anterior segments of the eye; in addition, it is involved in diagnosing and providing laser therapy in patients with retinal disease. Its pediatric outpatient clinic provides care to children with eye defects; performs examinations of pre-term babies, and specializes in the treatment of strabismus and blocked tear duct in the neonate. Glaucoma patients and those with retinal disease make up a major proportion of patients seen in this department.

The Department of Ophthalmology employs a number of highly experienced physicians specializing – in addition to their general practice in ophthalmology – in selected areas of their particular speciality. All are members of the Czech Society of Ophthalmology, with many of them being members of a variety of other professional societies.

All employees of the department make every effort to provide an individualized approach to the patient, to try to meet their requirements, and to provide care keeping the patient and their family satisfied. Compliance with the code of ethics (Patient´s Rights) is taken for granted. Attention is given to reasonable waiting times in clinics, and utmost emphasis is placed on a patient-friendly atmosphere.

Implementation of state-of-the-art surgical procedures makes it possible to perform most of the procedures on an outpatient basis.

Children awaiting surgery for strabismus are not hospitalized unless they are over 5 years of age; in these cases, the child is usually accompanied by one or both parents.

Inpatient ward

  • Short-term hospitalization of patients scheduled for surgery (secondary to an eye disease or another cause)
  • Hospitalization of children (accompanied by their parents) scheduled for surgery for strabismus
  • Hospitalization of patients for corneal surgery or cataract surgery
  • Hospitalization of patients who have sustained a severe injury

Outpatient services

  • General eye clinic
  • Clinic for the diabetic patient
  • Glaucoma clinic
  • Pediatric eye clinic
  • Counseling unit for macular diseases
  • Ultrasound counseling unit

Diagnostic methods

  • Fluorescence angiography
  • Perimetry
  • GDx examination of the optic nerve
  • OCT examination of the retina and the optic nerve
  • Ultrasound examination of the eye and the eyeball
  • Basic techniques of examination


  • Cataract surgery
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Surgery for strabimsus
  • Corneal surgery (keratoplasty)
  • Cosmetic surgery of the eyelid and surrounding area
  • Conjunctivoplasty
  • Retinal laser therapy
  • Laser therapy for subsequent cataract

Procedures paid in cash

  • Cosmetic upper eyelid surgery
  • Cosmetic lower eyelid surgery
  • GDx optical nerve examination
  • OCT examination of the retina and optical nerve
  • Minor cosmetic surgical procedures

Price list on reqest.

Above-standard intraocular lenses

  • Hydrophobic unifocal aspheric lens with blue filter
  • Multifocal intraocular lens
  • Accommodation intraocular lens
  • Aspheric intraocular lens pre-implant examination
  • Series of examinations prior to multifocal lens implantation
  • Series of examinations prior to accommodation lens implantation
  • Transparent lens extraction

Price list on request.

(A contract between the Hospital and the People To Themselves Foundation supports the use of advanced materials)


The department provides postgraduate training and training of general practitioners preparing for board examinations. Under a special project, the department cooperates with the 5 of May Nursing School in rescuer training.

Head of the Department
Karel Sedláček, MD
tel.: 261 083 295

Head Nurse
Dana Šlehoferová
tel.: 261 082 568

Contact for English-speaking guests

Department administration
tel.: 261 083 124
       261 082 270


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